No this is not a real organization! I am a solo software engineer who grew up learning to code from personal websites like this. This website is dedicated to sharing some of my engineering/software realted hobby projects. I maintain this website in hopes that it will provide "useful" code/tools for aspiring engineers and tinkerers.

On this website you will find projects involving MIDI, IRC, Packet Radio, chatGPT, Micro Controllers, R/C, and Automation. When it comes to MIDI i might be a bit obsessed. I often include a MIDI interface in my hardware projects (usually a virtual one).

Recently, I aquired my ham license (in the USA) and will be working on more projects involving radio, and specifically packet radio. Check out JAXT still under development but i hope to create a neat all in one web interface for working with APRS, packet radio, direwolf, rigctl, voice logging, etc.

If you have any questions about the projects hosted here, feel free to chat with the "charlieGPT" bot in the irc channel #lobby. However it can be a bit unpredictable so contact form requests are welcome as well!

DISCLAMER: Keep in mind this "charlieGPT" has a bit of a silly personality and is powered by chatGPT, some if it's responses may be downright crazy. I am not responsible for any responses generated by openai's servers. irc-gpt-bot does not implement a trained model and is only aware of the limited context provided by keywords in your requests.

You will not find any Ads on this website! I don't want your personal data or any information, I do use google analytics just to keep myself motivated and aware of visitors. If you are feeling generous and my projects have helped in any way, I am happy to accept BAT tips via Brave. The absolute best webbrowser in existence (at the moment)

Engineering Projects

Below you will find some of my engineering projects. I try to include as much info as i think is needed to replicated. However I'm terrible at documentation so feel free to complain.

Free Software

Free ready to use software. For most projects i try to include recent builds/packages, along with a short tutorial and links to the GitHub project page. If you have any trouble building/using any of the projects below feel free to reach out via GitHub.

Visit the software page here

Websites and side projects

Other projects and services which may not include source code or a tutorial
An online service for MIDI musicians to chat and play together in realtime, backed by routeput

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