Image To Array

Tool for converting images of many types into source code for use with C/C++/Java/Arduino. Can also create ASCII art, scale images, and convert between formats

JSON Roller

Shell/Command line utility for converting large JSON structures into CSV files. Also supports markdown/tsv output

MIDI Tools

Desktop application for managing MIDI control change messages. Allows you to create rules and triggers for MIDI input

SBUS BLE Gamepad

A ESP32 arduino sketch for using sbus input as a gamepad. Has a configurable web interface.

Tunes Director

A Remote control for Spotfiy/iTunes/Audacious/MPD includes websocket server and show control interface

UT81B Webserver

A Web interface for the UT81B multimeter

JACK RTP Midi Bridge

A Utility for bridging an Apple MIDI network and Jack Audio Connection Kit

IRC Server

An IRC Server and library written in Java.


A Websocket server for JSON message handling