This website is dedicated to sharing my hobby projects. I maintain this website in hopes that it can provide "useful" code for aspiring engineers and those who are interested in the same niche hobbies as I am. If you are feeling generous and my projects have helped in any way, I am happy to accept BAT tips via Brave.

About Me

I am a 38 year old software engineer. My engineering interests consist of MIDI, Micro Controllers, and Automation. When it comes to MIDI i might be a bit obsessed. I include a MIDI interface in almost all of my hardware projects (usually a virtual one). I think its the perfect protocol to reflect realtime somewhat analog (sliders and control changes!) events and interactions.

Current Projects

Below you will find some of my projects, for most projects i try to include recent builds/packages, along with a short tutorial and links to the GitHub project page. If you have any trouble building/using any of the projects below feel free to reach out via GitHub.

Websites and side projects

Other projects and services which may not include source code or a tutorial
An online service for MIDI musicians to chat and play together in realtime, backed by routeput